Programs and Services

Program Description:

The Office of Health Care Access consists of the following three programs: Office of the Commissioner, Certificate of Need & Compliance, and Research & Planning.

The Office of the Commissioner:

Provides the overall leadership to the agency in addition to managing the public and government relations at the state, municipal and federal levels with both the legislative and executive branches.  The Office of the Commissioner is also responsible for the coordination of all media, public relations, and consumer inquiries.

The Certificate of Need & Compliance Unit:

This unit is responsible for the agency mandates related to hospital and health care expenditures.  It serves as the primary activity center for carrying out state statutes and regulations. The Certificate of Need & Compliance Unit consists of the following major functions: Certificate of Need (CON); Compliance (monitoring and enforcement of CON decisions); Financial oversight of acute care hospitals and forecasting financial and utilization trends; and provides analysis for the administration of the Uncompensated Care Program.

The Research & Planning Unit:
Unit responsibilities include agency research and planning activities related to the state's acute care hospitals: developing a state health facilities plan, administering the inpatient discharge database, developing and implementing regulations regarding the collection of additional health care utilization data, and creating and implementing the agency communications plan.  This unit also oversees the HRSA State Planning Grant, using federal funds to conduct planning activities related to expanding access to affordable health insurance coverage.  Research and Planning efforts include monitoring the health policy environment and fostering interagency policy and planning initiatives.