Q:       Where do I get information regarding  Certificate of Need 

A:        Please click here.

Q.        Is a CON required when a short-term acute care hospital or a children’s hospital terminates a service?


A.       No, not unless it involves the termination of mental health and substance abuse services or the termination of an emergency department.  See General Statutes § 19a-638 (a) (4), (6). If the proposed service received CON approval, the Hospital must submit a modification request pursuant to General Statutes § 19a-639e (a).


Q.        How will OHCA find out that a hospital is planning on terminating

             a service?


A.       As stated above, unless terminating a service pursuant to General Statutes §§ 19a-638 (a)(4) or (6) or 19a-639e (a), the Hospital must provide written notice that it intends to terminate a service to OHCA 60 days prior to terminating the service in accordance with§ 19a-639e (c), including the reason for the termination, other facilities where the patients may obtain the service, and the date of termination of service.


Q.        How can someone find out if a hospital has provided written notice to OHCA that it intends to terminate a service?


A.       OHCA will post a copy of the written notice received on its website, under CON Notification. 


Q.        Is a CON required for relocation of services and/or imaging

            equipment (e.g., MRI, CT, etc.)?


A.       Any person or entity (including physicians and hospitals) can relocate any services and/or imaging equipment without CON approval.   A CON is required, however, for the relocation of a health care facility if there is a substantial change in the population served and the payer mix.  See General Statutes § 19a-639c (a).


Q.        I currently own and operate a CON-authorized piece of imaging

            equipment (i.e., MRI, CT, etc.) and I need to replace it. Do I need to

            go through the CON process?


A.       No.  There is no longer a CON Waiver process. However, once you replace the imaging equipment, you must notify OHCA of the equipment being replaced and include the replaced equipment’s CON authorization Docket or Determination Report number, state how the replaced imaging equipment was disposed of and the type, make and model of the new imaging equipment.


Q.        Do I need a CON to establish a new outpatient rehabilitation facility or add rehabilitation services to a facility?


A.       No.


Q.        Is a CON required for the establishment of a new licensed health care facility?


A.       Yes.  Prior to establishing a new health care facility, as defined in General Statutes § 19a-630 (10), the facility must obtain a CON pursuant to General Statutes § 19a-638 (a) (1).  If the health care facility requires a license but does not meet the definition of health care facility under § 19a-630 (10), a CON is not required. For example, facilities that are licensed as an outpatient clinic offering only primary care do not fall under the definition of health care facility.  


Q.        Is a CON required for a transfer of ownership?


A.       It depends on the type of transfer of ownership. Change in control of a

          health care facility will require a CON process. To be sure if a transfer of

          ownership requires a CON, complete a CON Determination Form from

          www.ct.gov/ohca and submit. Example: A hospital acquiring an

          ambulatory surgery center.


Q.        I intend to acquire a Linear Accelerator; is a CON required?


A.       Only if the Linear Accelerator is “non-hospital based” pursuant to General

         Statutes §§ 19a-630 (11) and 19a-638 (a) (9).


Q.        What does OHCA consider new technology?


A.       Any technology that has not previously been in the state, such as, Proton Beam.


Q.        Is a CON required for the acquisition of a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (“CBCT”) scanner?


A.       Yes, unless it is to be used exclusively by a dentist licensed pursuant to

         Chapter 379. See General Statutes § 19a-638 (b) (19).


Q.        We are currently a single-specialty ambulatory surgery center and would like to become a multi-specialty facility. Does that require a CON process?


A.       No. However, OHCA asks that when you do change to a multi-specialty facility that you provide written notice to DPH’s Health Care System Branch. 


Q.        We are a non-profit facility and would like to establish a new substance abuse facility. Do we need to go through a CON process?


A.       If your facility is non-profit and has a contract with or is certified or licensed to provide a service for a  state agency or department that would other require a CON, no CON is required pursuant to General Statutes § 19a-638 (b) (14).  If, however, the facility does not satisfy § 19a-638 (b) (14), a CON is required.  Please note that OHCA no longer issues exemptions and thus, it is up to the specific facility to determine whether it satisfies § 19a-638 (b) (14).

Q:       Does OHCA license health care professionals in the State of

A:       No, this function is done by the Department of Public Health, Health Care Systems Branch. For more information please click here.

Q:        What types of data does OHCA collect? Closeup of Bar Graph

A:       OHCA collects hospital utilization data on all inpatient discharges from the acute care hospitals within Connecticut.  In addition, OHCA gathers, verifies, analyzes and reports on a wide range of hospital financial data including hospital expenses, revenues, uncompensated care volumes, Disproportionate Share, and other financial data as needed.

Q:        How can I obtain the data that OHCA    

A:        Frequently Asked Questions About Hospital Inpatient Discharge Data page for all hospital discharge data requests. All other data requests, please refer to the Freedom of Information page.

Q:        I am concerned about my physician’s fees and billing practices.  What recourse do I have?

A:        The State of Connecticut does not regulate private physician fees or billing practices.  If you are concerned about a billing problem, you must contact your physician directly.   However, if your concerns involved the quality of care your physician provided, you may contact:

State of Connecticut Department of Public Health
Division of Health Services Regulation
410 Capitol Avenue
MS #12HSR PO Box 340308
Hartford, CT  06134

You may also call at (860) 509–7400 or click on this Link.