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In 2011, the Connecticut Department of Public Health (CTDPH), Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) Program, launched a statewide education program called, "It's Good For You Connecticut", to increase public awareness on:

  1. What efforts are being conducted to prevent HAIs throughout healthcare facilities in Connecticut including acute care hospitals, long term care facilities, outpatient facilities (such as ambulatory clinics, dialysis centers, surgical centers), and home health care.
  2. What Connecticut residents, as patients, visitors, staff, and employees can do to prevent infections.

 Steps that Connecticut residents can do to prevent healthcare associated infections, include;

  1. Good Hand Hygiene: Wash your hands
  2. Good Respiratory Etiquette: Sneeze in your Sleeve
  3. Know Your Vaccination Status -- Be up-to-date on immunizations for both childhood diseases and adult diseases: Get your Flu Shot
  4. Know the proper use of antibiotics: Finish Your Antibiotics
  5. Pre-Surgery Preparedness: Make My Day – Follow your pre-surgical instructions.
  6. Speak-Up: Be your own advocate or bring a family member or friend with you to all healthcare appointments. Bring a friend with you to your doctor’s appointment.

Patient Information  Patient Information - It's Good For You Connecticut 

Healthcare Provider Information   Healthcare Provider Information - It's Good For You Connecticut 


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Finish Your Antibiotics - It's Good For You Connecticut Get Your Flu Shot - It's Good For You Connecticut


Sneeze In Your Sleeve - It's Good For You Connecticut Wash Your Hands - It's Good For You Connecticut



 In 2008, the CTDPH HAI Program, launched a statewide education program called, "Making Connecticut Safter-Two Hands at a Time", to increase public awareness on the importance of proper hand washing techniques.



Learn more about the Hand Hygiene campaign here:

“Making Connecticut Safer: Two Hands at a Time”: Informational Material




To contact the Healthcare Associated Infections Program, please call 860-509-7995.