The following conditions are requirements for participation in the Connecticut SLRP program:

  • A three-party agreement between the health professional, the primary
    care site and the Department of Public Health

  • Program application

  • Health profession degree

  • Current state licensure or certification

  • Education loans verification

  • U.S. citizenship

  • Completion of all service obligations to other federal, state or local repayment programs

  • May not have a judgment lien against their property for a debt to the United States

  • May not have defaulted on any federal payment obligations including, but not limited to, Health Education Assistance Loans, Federal income tax liabilities, or FHA loans, even if the creditor now considers them to be in good standing

  • May not have breached a prior service obligation to the federal/state/local government or other entity, even if they subsequently fulfilled the obligation

  • May not have had any federal debt written off as uncollectible, or had any federal service or payment obligation waived

  • If the CSLRP participant’s military service exceeds 35 workdays per service year, the CSLRP service obligation should be extended to compensate for the break in “full-time” service

  • Individuals in the Reserve Component of the Armed Forces or National Guard are eligible to participate in the CSLRP

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