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Food service worker coughing and sweating


Ill Food Worker

Educational Campaign


The Food Protection Program of the Connecticut

Department of Public Health designed this educational campaign as part of a Health Impact Study funded in part by the CDC’s Environmental Health Specialist Network (EHSNet)*


The study objective was to decrease the occurrence of restaurant-associated norovirus outbreaks potentially caused by food workers working while ill with vomiting or diarrhea by educating food workers and managers. 


The materials were developed to: inform workers of the need to report illness and to not work when they are ill; assist management in promoting open communication with food workers; provide a resource for additional information on employee health policies; increase reporting of illness by food workers to management; and increase the required reporting of ill food workers by management to the local health department.


Campaign Educational Materials:

Food Worker Poster            English, Spanish, Chinese                

Manager Poster                  English, Spanish, Chinese       

Manager Pamphlet              English, Spanish, Chinese    


Additional Resources:


The FDA Model Food Code has several sample forms related to employee health to help employees and management develop employee health policies and procedures.

Form 1-A   Food Employee Interview

Form 1-B   Food Employee Reporting Agreement

Form 1-C   Food Employee Medical Referral


Food Establishments should contact their Local Health Department if they would like copies of the posters and pamphlets.

Local Health Departments should contact the Food Protection Program if they need more copies.


*EHSNet: (pronounced S-Net) is a collaborative forum of environmental health specialists whose mission is to improve environmental health.