FOR RELEASE: June 23, 2015
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Fare Enforcement Begins on CTfastrak Bus Rapid Transit System

Riders Can Be Fined $75 Without Valid Proof Of Fare Payment

      The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) announced today that it is beginning to issue citations throughout the new CTfastrak Bus Rapid Transit system to riders who do not have a valid proof of payment.  A citation carries a $75 fine. To date, CTfastrak fare inspectors have been issuing warnings to transit riders who do not have a valid proof of payment and escorting them to the fare box or ticket vending machine to pay their fare.

      "With the debut of CTfastrak, we introduced a new method of fare payment – proof of payment – in order to speed the boarding process,” said CTDOT Commissioner James Redeker.  “Riders boarding at a CTfastrak station can enter through any door as long as they have a proof of payment in their possession.  In introducing this new method of fare payment, the roll-out plan for CTfastrak was to open with a 9-day free ride period. This was followed-up with a period during which fare inspectors issued a 'warning' to riders who did not have a valid proof of payment, and offered an opportunity to pay the fare or leave the system.  Now that riders are more familiar with our new proof of payment system and how to use our ticket vending machines, we will be fully implementing our fare collection policy."

      Customers who do not already possess a valid multi-day or monthly pass, a ten-ride ticket or a transfer from another CTtransit or CTfastrak bus can purchase a two-hour or all-day pass from the ticket vending machines on the platform of each CTfastrak station or at the five key downtown Hartford stops.  In addition, CTfastrak riders using bus routes 102, 121, 128, 140, 144, 153, and 161 on-street stops can simply ask for a transfer.

      The fare for up to two-hours of travel on the CTfastrak system is $1.50 per person ($0.75 for seniors and disabled) and $3.00 for an all-day pass, the same as on local CTtransit buses.  Fares on the CTtransit Express routes are zone fares that are based on the distance traveled.  (For more information about fares visit   

      Fare inspectors may ask to see a rider's proof of payment on the platform of a CTfastrak station or on a CTfastrak bus.  (Note:  A fare enforcement officer will never offer to sell a ticket or take money to buy a ticket).  Failure to possess proof of fare payment is an infraction and a citation can be issued.  “Compliance with the proof of payment fare policy has been very high so far.  But experience from other rapid transit operations around the country and the world that run proof of payment fare systems indicates that in the long term, compliance drops without some level of enforcement”, said Michael Sanders, transit administrator, CTDOT.  “Continued fare enforcement and the risk of the $75 fine will help maintain a high rate of compliance with the proof of payment system.”

      The CTfastrak system provides direct service to and from Waterbury, Cheshire, Southington, Bristol, Plainville, New Britain, Newington, West Hartford, Hartford, East Hartford and Manchester with routes that take advantage of the bus-only CTfastrak roadway. The CTfastrak system offers a one-seat, no-transfer ride to many major regional employment, education, shopping and healthcare destinations as well as connections to the New Haven Line-Waterbury branch rail in Waterbury and Amtrak service in Hartford. A new 4.5 mile multi-use trail was built parallel to the CTfastrak bus-only roadway from New Britain to Newington Junction. A recently launched benefits program that offers riders discounts or bonuses at area businesses called CTfastrak Rewards is also available.

For information about CTfastrak, visit, connect via Facebook at or via Twitter at @ctfastrak. Route timetables are available at under the “Schedules/CTfastrak” tab and the latest CTfastrak Rewards information is available at