FOR RELEASE:November 12 , 2008
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The Connecticut Department of Transportation today announced flu clinics being sponsored by Fairfield County local health directors will be held at various rail stations along the New Haven Line in November. 

The Region 1 Health Departments and Health Districts of lower Fairfield County are working cooperatively to provide flu vaccination clinics on Thursday, November 13th from 5:00-8:00 PM targeting commuters.  Towns have begun to notify their communities of the flu clinic and will post signs at the various rail stations.

The flu clinics will be located at or immediately adjacent at the following rail stations on the New Haven Line: 

Greenwich: Old Greenwich Rail Station (New York-bound)

Stamford: Inside top level of McKinney Rail Station, west side (Tracks 2 and 4), near newspaper store.

Darien: Trailer parked in parking lot on the New Haven-bound side

South Norwalk: Inside New Haven-bound rail station, south end vestibule

East Norwalk: Trailer parked in parking lot on the New Haven-bound side

New Canaan: Inside train station

Westport: Trailer parked in parking lot on the New Haven-bound side

Fairfield: Inside New York-bound rail station

Bridgeport: Inside top level of rail station

Stratford: Inside the Helicopter Museum, New Haven-bound side

These clinics will be staffed by members from the Health Departments of the respective towns as well as staff from the Trumbull Monroe Health District and the Easton Health Department.  While the clinics will be located at or near the train stations as a convenience to commuters, the clinics are also open to the public.  Medicare Part B will be accepted at most clinic sites.  Other insurances may be accepted but attendees would need to contact the Health Department/District for the town of the specific clinic they plan to attend to determine which are accepted. Check or cash payments will be accepted with the fees from $25 - $35.

Those who are planning to attend one of the clinics may complete their registration form ahead of time by downloading a copy of the “Train Station Vaccination Form” from their local health department website or by contacting their local health department office.  The form will also be available at all clinic sites.

The event is also serving as a regional drill testing the capacity of the region’s public health system to collaboratively work across town boundaries to rapidly dispense medicine in a coordinated effort to the tens of thousands who commute via train each day.  In the event of biologic incident occurring in NYC, this method of dispensing needed medicine is one of several that may be utilized. By participating, the public is protecting itself from flu and helping your local health departments prepare for a public health emergency.