Current Contracts
Contract Number
Program Type
End Date
16DOH0601AA  AIDS Connecticut Inc.  AIDS Program                               6/30/19   
16DOH0601AC  AIDS Project of Greater Danbury  AIDS Program  6/30/19
16DOH0601AD  Alliance for Living, Inc.  AIDS Program  6/30/19
16DOH0601AK  Chemical Abuse Services, Inc.  AIDS Program 
16DOH0601BF  Hands of Hartford
 AIDS Program 
16DOH0601BQ  Independence Northwest  AIDS Program  6/30/19
16DOH0601BV  Liberty Community Services  AIDS Program  6/30/19
16DOH0601CK  Perception Programs, Inc.   AIDS Program  6/30/19
15DOH0101AB  The Access Agency, Inc.   Emergency Shelter Services   6/30/18
15DOH0101AG  Area Congregations Together, Inc.   Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18 
15DOH0101AA  AIDS Connecticut, Inc.  Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18
15DOH0101AH  Beth-El Center, Inc.   Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18 
15DOH0101AT  CT Coalition to End Homelessness   Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18
16DOH0601AN  Chrysalis Center, Inc.   Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/19
15DOH0101BG  City of Hartford   Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18 
15DOH0101BB  Family and Children's Aid, Inc.   Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18 
15DOH0101CY  FISH   Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18 
15DOH0101BH  Holy Family Home and Shelter, Inc.  Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18 
15DOH0101BK  Homes with Hope, Inc.  Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18
15DOH0101CD  New London Homeless Hospitality Center  Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18
15DOH0101CF  Northwestern CT YMCA  Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18
15DOH0101CH  Open Door Shelter  Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18
15DOH0101CJ  Operation Hope of Fairfield, Inc.  Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18
15DOH0101CN  Pacific House, Inc.  Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18
15DOH0101VN  Prudence Crandall Center, Inc.  Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18
15DOH0101CM  The Salvation Army  Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18
15DOH0101CR  St Vincent DePaul Mission of Wtby., Inc  Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18
15DOH0101DA  United Way of Southwestern CT  Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18
16DOH0301AD  Alliance For Living, Inc.  Housing for Persons with AIDS  6/30/18
15DOH0401AI  Catholic Charities of Fairfield County, Inc  MIS - AIDS,Transitional Living Program  6/30/19
15DOH0401AJ  Central CT YMCA  MIS - Emergency Shelter Services,Transitional  Living Program  6/30/18
15DOH0401AM  Christian Community Action, Inc.  MIS - Emergency Shelter Services,Transitional Living Program  6/30/18
15DOH0401AO  Columbus House, Inc.  MIS - AIDS, Emergency Shelter Services, Housing for Persons with AIDS  6/30/19
15DOH0401AQ  Community Health Resources  MIS - Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/19
15DOH0401AS  Community Renewal Team, Inc.  MIS - Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18
15DOH0401BP  ImmaCare Inc.  MIS - Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18
15DOH0401BR  Inspirica, Inc.  MIS - AIDS, Emergency Shelter Services, Rapid Rehousing Program  6/30/18
15DOH0401BX  Mercy Housing and Shelter Corporation  MIS - AIDS, Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/19
15DOH0401CE  New Opportunities, Inc.  MIS - AIDS, Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/19
15DOH0401CC  New Reach, Inc.  MIS - AIDS, Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/19
15DOH0401CO  South Park Inn, Inc.  MIS - Emergency Shelter Services, Transitional Living Program  6/30/19
15DOH0401CQ  St Vincent DePaul Mission of Bristol  MIS - Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18
15DOH0401CX  Thames Valley Council for Community Action  MIS - Emergency Shelter Services, Transitional Living Program  6/30/18
15DOH0401DD  Young Women's Christian Assoc of Hartford Region  MIS - Emergency Shelter Services, Transitional Living Program  6/30/18
16DOH0501FQ  CT Council of Family Service Agencies, Inc  Mobility Counseling and Search Assistance  6/30/19
16DOH0901AO  Columbus House, Inc.  Rapid Rehousing Program  6/30/18
16DOH0901AQ  Community Health Resources  Rapid Rehousing Program  6/30/18
16DOH0901CE  New Opportunities, Inc.  Rapid Rehousing Program  6/30/18
16DOH0901CC  New Reach, Inc.  Rapid Rehousing Program  6/30/18
16DOH0901CT  Supportive Housing Works, Inc.  Rapid Rehousing Program  6/30/18
16DOH0901CX  Thames Valley Council For Community Action, Inc.  Rapid Rehousing Program  6/30/18
16DOH0901CO  Windham Regional Community Council, Inc.  Rapid Rehousing Program  6/30/18
14DOH0001JT  Family and Children's Agency, Inc.  Permanent Supportive Housing  6/30/18
16DOH0003GP  Youth Continuum, Inc.  Permanent Supportive Housing  6/30/18
13DOH0801AF  Applied Behavorial Rehabilitation and Research, Inc.  Transitional Living Program  6/30/17
13DOH0801AE  Amos House, Inc.  Transitional Living Program  6/30/17
13DOH0801BM  Housing Authority of the City of Danbury  Transitional Living Program  6/30/17
15DOH0801AP  Community Health Center, Inc.  Transitional Living Program  6/30/17
13DOH0801BL  House of Bread, Inc.  Transitional Living Program  6/30/17
13DOH0801CB  My Sister's Place  Transitional Living Program  6/30/17
13DOH0801CI  The Open Hearth Association, Inc.  Transitional Living Program  6/30/17
13DOH0801CW  Thames River Community Service, Inc.  Transitional Living Program  6/30/17
15DOH0101AY  The Covenant Shelter of New London, Inc.  Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18
15DOH0101AW  The Connection, Inc.  Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18
15DOH0401CL  Recovery Network of Programs, Inc.  MIS - AIDS, Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/19
15DOH0401BC  Friendship Service Center of New Britain  MIS - Emergency Shelter Services  6/30/18
16DOH0501ND  HOME, Inc.  Mobility Counseling and Search Assistance  6/30/19
07DSS2601OL  J. D'Amelia & Associates LLC  Rental Assistance Program  7/15/10
13DOH0501BO  J. D'Amelia & Associates LLC  Rental Assistance Program  6/30/17
17 DOH0501BO  J. D'Amelia & Associates LLC  Rental Assistance Program  7/24/17
17DOH0501BOA1  J. D'Amelia & Associates LLC  Rental Assistance Program  2/13/18