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Small Cities Application Process

For Federal Fiscal Year 2013, the Small Cities Program has established a Competitive Round Application Process.  Applications are due April 5, 2013 by 2:00 PM and will be rated and ranked according to DECD policy.  The application steps are outlined below:

  1. Attend the Application Workshop
    1. Grantees attend application workshop
    2. Receive Application forms
  2. Hold Public Hearing
    1. Notice to be published at least twice (on different days) in a daily newspaper of general circulation in the municipality.
    2. The first notice must be published 14 days prior to the date of the public hearing.
    3. Submit copies of notices along with newspaper Affidavit of Publication.
    4. Submit copies of minutes of meeting.
  3. Conduct an Environmental Review
    1. Establish Environmental Review Record
    2. Determine type of Activity and environmental impact
    3. Publish Request for Release of Funds
    4. Request Release for DECD
  4. Write Application
    1. Select eligible activity
    2. Determine National Objective
    3. Prepare application
    4. Submit to DECD
  5. Rate and Rank (DECD)
    1. DECD receives and reviews applications
    2. Rate applications
    3. Rank applications
  6. Award (DECD)
    1. Submit rating to Commissioner for award announcements by Governor
  7. Contract Documents (DECD)
    1. DECD prepares contract documents
    2. Submits to awarded towns
    3. Towns sign and return to DECD
    4. Commissioner signs contract docs
    5. A.G. office reviews signed contract documents
  8. Construction Period
    1. Grantees begin construction phase
  9. Closeout
    1. DECD conducts monitoring and closeout