African Swine Fever Information

African Swine Fever - Protect Our Pigs

African Swine Fever is a viral disease that affects both domestic and wild swine. It spreads very quickly and kills most pigs that get it. While not a threat to human health, the virus could devastate America's swine, pork industry, and food supply.

In order to protect your pigs, you must stay aware to the signs of African Swine Fever which include high fever, loss of appetite, weakness, red blotchy skin or skin lesions, depression, diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, difficulty breathing, abortions or sudden deaths. Although people cannot get African swine fever, they can carry it on clothing, shoes, and equipment. Sources of the infection include garbage feeding, contaminated personnel, equipment and vehicles, contaminated feed, or water, infected domestic or wild pigs, soft ticks, stable flies and semen.

Anyone who may suspect African Swine Fever on their farm should call the State Veterinarian at (860) 713-2505 or email You can also find out more by going to the USDA's African Swine Fever Website.