PA 09-229 Milk Producer (Dairy Sustainability) Grant

Public Act No. 09-229 provides for grants to be made to Connecticut Milk Producers.  The grant payments will be made quarterly beginning in October 2009 from the “agricultural sustainability account” for milk produced beginning July 1, 2009. 
The grant payment will be based on a formula prescribed in the Public Act.  The formula uses 82% of the cost of production for a New England State, as published by the USDA, Economic Research Service, to establish the “minimum sustainable monthly cost of production”.  The Department will be using the USDA’s estimated cost of production published for the state of Vermont.  The grant payment will be equal to the difference between the minimum sustainable monthly cost of production and the “Federal pay price” (Northeast Federal Milk Marketing Order, statistical uniform price for the Hartford zone) multiplied by your monthly production.  If the combined total of the all the calculated payments exceed the amount of money in the agricultural sustainability account, grant payments will be made on a proportionate basis, based on your relative level of milk production. 
For complete information on the PA 09-229 Milk Producer Grant please download the Milk Producer Grant Package
Questions regarding the grant should be directed to Wayne Kasacek at 860-713-2508 or