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When a Title Is Not Needed

***Important notice on Passport to the Parks fee below***

According to Connecticut State Law Title 14 Sec. 14-166 exempted vehicles, the acquisition of a certificate of title shall not be required for the following:

  1. A vehicle owned by a nonresident of this state and not required by law to be registered in this state.  
  2. Special mobile equipment.
  3. Any trailer having a gross weight not in excess of 3,000 lbs.
  4. A motor vehicle owned by the state or any town, city or borough within the state.
  5. A snowmobile or ATV
For more exempt vehicles, refer to statute link above.

Connecticut does not require a title for vehicles over 20 model years old.  This letter can be used as proof of what model year vehicles Connecticut titles. Letter for Model Year Title Exempt Vehicles

Please contact the DMV's Contact Center with any questions at 860-263-5710.

Beginning in 2018, Connecticut will offer all residents with Connecticut license plates on their vehicles free entry to park to all state parks and beaches. Connecticut wants to make state parks, forests, trails, historic sites and beaches more available to our residents so they can enjoy the many attractions and beauty they offer.
A $10 fee, which amounts to $5 per year, will be included in all two-year non-commercial vehicles with new registrations, renewals and plate transfers.  These are passenger cars and vehicles with combination plates as well as motorcycles, campers/motor homes and vehicles with antique car plates.
In addition, Seniors 65 years old and older with a one-year registration renewal will have only an additional $5 fee each year.

The new program will allow Connecticut state parks to increase public service at parks, trails, beaches, museums and nature centers. There will be improved park maintenance, shoulder-season camping for opening day of fishing and into the fall foliage, longer hours at our museums and nature centers, and more lifeguards at park beaches.  When people visit our state parks and other sites they visit local restaurants, shops and local farms. This program brings many economic benefits for our state.
For more information about Connecticut state parks, visit