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Facial coverings must be worn during all road skills tests and are highly recommended to be worn when entering a DMV office.

Leased Vehicles

Most requirements to register a leased vehicle are the same as registering a new or used vehicle with the addition of the following:
  • The leasing company must have a leasing license on file with the DMV. Please call 860-263-5056 to verify the license and address of the leasing company before presenting the vehicle for registration.

  • The Connecticut Insurance Identification Card may be in the name of the leasing company or the name of the lessee for registration purposes.    

    If this vehicle will be used at any time for a driver test, the insurance card must be in the name of the leasing company.

  • An original "Power of Attorney" document (fax copies are not acceptable) is required that specifies who has authorization to sign documents for the leasing company. Usually the lessee is listed as the power of attorney.
The name and address of the applicant on the Application for Registration and Title (form H-13B) must be that of the leasing company. The person who has power of attorney must sign the application.


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