Changes in Local Tax Clearances for Registrations

The Department of Motor Vehicles will not accept paper tax releases from town tax collectors. The towns have the ability to electronically remove a delinquent tax hold once the local taxpayer pays their delinquent car taxes. 

Please check with your local municipal tax office to determine the procedure your town uses to release your delinquent tax hold at DMV.

DMV offers CT Tax Collectors the methods below to release a delinquent motor vehicle tax hold on a registrant:

1) An immediate online clearance performed in the town tax office when the local motor vehicle taxes are resolved;


2) An overnight batch clearance done at the end of each day by the town or city. The overnight clearance is posted with the DMV and by the following morning the delinquent tax hold is removed.

The electronic process makes getting a tax clearance easier and more efficient for customers and municipal tax collectors. It is also designed to help customers avoid repeat trips to DMV. 
Customers can first check whether they owe taxes by using the online service on the DMV website.