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Facial coverings must be worn during all road skills tests and are highly recommended to be worn when entering a DMV office.

Essential Information for 16 and 17 Year Olds


Our goal is to provide our customers with the information they need to perform their DMV transactions as expeditiously as possible. Take a moment and read this section.  It may help you understand the learner's permit and driver license process, the new terms and requirements and the resources available to you.

How the Learner's Permit and License Process Works

Once you are equipped with all the right information, the process of obtaining a learner's permit and then a driver license is really not that difficult.  It involves a little research on your part, dedication from both teens and parents and some informed choices.  Basically, the process works like this:

Getting a Learner Permit

  1. You study the latest Connecticut Driver’s Manual and download DMV Mobile App to take sample knowledge tests or have your parents quiz you on the material (or take a prep course at a commercial driving school).
  2. Make an appointment for your learner's permit test.
  3. You and your parent/legal guardian visit DMV office and bring your acceptable forms of identification.
  4. Your parent/legal guardian signs a form granting their consent to your obtaining a learner permit.  (If legal guardian, bring the certification of legal guardianship.)
  5. Once you take and pass the vision and 25 question knowledge tests, you get your learner's permit.

Getting Trained

  1. You and your parents decide on the best course of action for your driver education.  Investigate the driver training options and informational material available on the DMV's Center for Teen Driving web site.  Keep in mind that some classes (8-hour safe driving practices class including a 2-hour parent training class) at a commercial driving/secondary school are mandatory.
  1. You complete your driver education (including the 40 hours of practice driving) and both you and your parents decide you are ready to take the road test to obtain your license.

Getting a Driver License

If your commercial driving school offers road testing, you can take your road test with a DMV inspector/agent there.  Other wise, you schedule a road test at a DMV Branch Office.

  1. Check Obtaining a License – 16/17 Year Olds to make sure you have fulfilled all of the requirements for your driver license.
  1. Make sure you bring the correct documents. 
  1. Schedule your road test using DMV's new online appointment system.
  1. Once you pass your road test, you get your driver license.  Now you have to be aware of and abide by the restrictions that apply until you reach your 18th birthday.