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Facial coverings must be worn during all road skills tests and are highly recommended to be worn when entering a DMV office.

Public Passenger Endorsements

Effective July 26, 2021, all Public Passenger Endorsement (PPE) applicants will be required to pre-enroll online prior to being fingerprinted for a criminal background check.  

Please follow the steps below to apply for a Public Passenger Endorsement.


STEP 1:  Determine you are eligible.
  • Must have a VALID Connecticut Driver’s License. “S", "V", "A” applicants:  must have at least 3 years of consecutive driving experience when applying for endorsement.
  • Be at least 18 years of age or 21 if the vehicle you will be driving is a commercial motor vehicle. (If driving a commercial motor vehicle you must have a commercial driver's license (CDL). Please see CDL testing requirements).
  • Have acceptable driving record.
  • Possess good moral character.
  • Pass a criminal record background check.
  • Must be subject to medical review and meet the physical requirements outlined on the medical examination form as required per 49 CFR 391.41-391.49.

STEP 2: Complete the following documentation.
  1. Application for Public Passenger Endorsement (R-7).  
  2. Medical Exam Form (MCSA-5876):  This form must be completed by an authorized medical examiner and must be dated within the last 90 days. This form must be submitted online to 
  3. A sex offender check through the national sex offender database. Website address: (If there are AKA's (other names used), all names must be run). The check submitted must have a date stamp from the printer it is printed from and must be within (5) days of the date of application.
  4. FBI & Non-Criminal Justice Privacy Statements Signed (both are required)
  5. Connecticut resident less than 5 years: Must present a CERTIFIED driving and criminal history from each state you have lived in the past five (5) years. (AZ, CA, MS, NC, TN and VT are CLOSED record states and will only be required to submit a certified driving history.  Find your state and phone number to call here.
  6. S, V and A applicants only:  Complete the Authorization for DCF CPS Background Check (form DCF-3031) and submit with all other documents directly to DMV.   
STEP 3: Submit Application.
  • Mail or drop-off all completed documents (R-7 form, MCSA-5876, sex offender check, FBI & Non-Criminal Justice Privacy forms signed and dated, a copy of Connecticut driver's license, DCF 3031 (S, V & A applicants) and, if applicable, certified driving and criminal histories) to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT 06161
Attention: Public Passenger Endorsement Review Unit

Applications can be dropped off at the DMV Office in Wethersfield.  The office is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:45 a.m. to  4 p.m., and Thursday from 9:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  There is a drop box near the main entrance. Applications will not be accepted at DMV branch offices.

STEP 4: Fingerprinting
All applicants will be required to be fingerprinted for a criminal background check.

Upon receipt of application R7 and supporting documents, including both signed privacy statements, you will receive an email with a service code to pre-enroll for fingerprinting online using the link below. There will be a processing fee of $88.25 payable by credit card at that time.

***To pre-enroll for fingerprinting for the criminal background check please use the link below:

The following link will provide a list of locations and phones numbers for live scan printing. Please call the location prior to your visit as hours and schedules may vary.

All prints will be submitted electronically (live scan)  or hard copies with ink must be mailed with your Applicant Tracking Number directly to:
1111 Country Club Rd.
Middletown CT 06437
Processing Time
Because there are numerous background checks that involve different state and federal agencies processing time of these applications will take approximately 6-8 weeks. After the examination and all background checks are performed an approval/denial letter will be emailed/mailed (depending on applicant’s request) to the applicant. 
Obtaining Endorsement After Approval
Once you have received an approval letter you must appear at a DMV Hub office with the following documents: 
  • Approval letter/email within 90 days of the approval date
  • Current valid Connecticut driver's license
  • Applicable fees for endorsement (this fee will vary depending on the amount of  time left on your current license)
  • "S" endorsement only:  Proof you have passed a proficiency test.
  • "V" endorsement only:  Training certificate (R-360).
IMPORTANT:  It is imperative that you appear as soon as you receive your approval letter.  All approval letters will expire 90 days after issuance date.  If you do not appear and pay for your endorsement prior to the 90-day expiration date you will be required to go through the entire background check again. 
After presenting the above documents at a branch office you will be issued a temporary paper card with the new endorsement on it.  This document should be kept with your current license until your new license arrives in the mail.  For more information on this, please see Central Issuance.
Types of Connecticut Public Passenger Endorsements

“S” Endorsement:
Required to operate a school bus, or any vehicle that requires a “V”, “A” or “F” endorsement.  In addition to the “S” endorsement a commercial driver license with a “P” endorsement is also required.  Please see CDL Testing Requirements for more information on how to obtain a CDL. 

“V” Endorsement:  Required to operate a student transportation vehicle transporting students to and from school, including transporting special education students, or any vehicles that requires an “A” or “F” endorsement.  A certificate of safety training (R-360) is also required prior to the issuance of the “V” endorsement.  A certificate may be obtained through school bus company.
“A” Endorsement:  Required to operate a student transportation vehicle used in connection with school-sponsored events and activities or other vehicle that requires an “F” endorsement.  Cannot be used to transport students from home to school. 
“F” Endorsement:  Required to operate a taxi, livery vehicle, service bus, motor bus or motor coach (In addition to the “F” endorsement a CDL with a "P" endorsement is required on vehicles designed to transport sixteen or more passengers, including the driver.
See Connecticut General Statutes 14-44 for more information.
Types of vehicle use that require a public passenger endorsement 
Activity vehicle:  A student transportation vehicle that is used to transport students in connection with school sponsored events and activities, but is not used to transport students to and from school.
Livery vehicle:  Any motor vehicle used by any entity in the business of transporting passengers for hire (CT General Statute Sec. 13b-104 for exceptions).
Motor Bus/Motor Coach:  Any motor vehicle, except a taxicab, as defined in section 13b-95 operated as a means of transportation bus receiving or discharging passengers, or running a regular route or over any portion of a regulation route or between fixed terminals. 
Public Service Motor Vehicle:  Any motor vehicle (except vanpools) used to transport passengers for hire (e.g., commercial buses, taxis, limos and airport shuttles).
Service Buses:  Any motor vehicle (except vanpool) designed to carry 10 or more persons when used in private service for the transportation of persons without charge to the individual (e.g., school buses, church buses, factory buses, farm worker buses, senior citizen vans or handicapped vans).
Student Transportation Vehicle:  Any motor vehicle other than a registered school bus used by a carrier for the transportation of students, including children requiring special education.
School Bus:  A vehicle that meets the requirements of Connecticut General Statute Sec. 14-275, including a commercial motor vehicles used to transport preschool elementary or secondary school students from home to school, from school to home or to and from school-sponsored events, but does not include a bus used as a common carrier.
Taxicab:  Any motor vehicle operated on call or demand accepting or soliciting passengers for transportation hire between such points as may be directed by the passenger(s). 
A non-resident who holds an operator’s license issued by another state or country may operate a vehicle that otherwise requires a Connecticut Public Passenger Endorsement, provided that non-resident holds the equivalent endorsement from their home jurisdiction.  
A vehicle requiring certain endorsements may be operated by drivers not holding public passenger endorsements and restrictions when the vehicle is not transporting passengers.  (e.g., mechanics transporting a vehicle to another location).  However, if the vehicle is a commercial motor vehicle, a commercial driver license with a “P” endorsement is necessary.  Please see CDL Testing Requirements for more information.

Authorized Medical Examiner
The DMV will only accept an examination from providers registered through the U.S.  Department of Health.  This applies to ALL Public Passenger Endorsement applicants/holders and driving school instructors. 
Learn more about becoming a nationally certified medical provider