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Exchange Your Connecticut DMV-Issued
Driver's License or Non-Driver ID Card

To increase the security of customer identities, and reduce the opportunity for identity theft, DMV will stop printing Driver License and ID cards in DMV and AAA offices and distributing them from there. Instead they will be printed and mailed from a secure central facility.  You will receive a Temporary Paper Credential (TPC) during your office visit and you can expect to receive your permanent card in the mail within 20 calendar days at the address you provided to DMV.
For additional Information, please see Central Issuance Frequently Asked Questions.

If you already have a Connecticut DMV-issued driver's license, non-driver photo ID card or learner's permit, you may exchange it for another credential without bringing all of your identity documents to DMV. 

For example, if you have a Connecticut DMV-issued non-driver photo ID card, you may exchange it for a new learner's permit or your previous driver’s license without bringing all of your identity documents to DMV. 

Your non-driver ID card or driver's license must be unexpired or not expired for longer than two years to qualify for an exchange.

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