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Facial coverings are required to enter a DMV office. This requirement includes all road skills tests.

Drive Only License
Frequently Asked Questions

To increase the security of customer identities, and reduce the opportunity for identity theft, DMV has stopped printing Driver License and ID cards in all of its service locations. Instead they will be printed and mailed from a secure central facility.  You will receive a Temporary Paper Credential (TPC) during your office visit and you can expect to receive your permanent card in the mail within 20 calendar days at the address you provided to DMV.
For additional Information, please see Central Issuance Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I know if I am eligible for a Drive Only license?
You may be eligible for a Drive Only License if you have the formal documents required by the Drive Only License Document Checklist (English version | Spanish version), but cannot establish that legal presence in the United States or may not have a Social Security Number.  U.S. Citizens, documented immigrants and non-immigrants including B-1 and B-2 visitors with unexpired U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) documents are not eligible.

Can I walk in to a DMV office and obtain a Drive Only license?
No.  Appointments made on the DMV website are required to submit your documentation and to take vision, knowledge and road tests.  Make your appointment online here.

What documents are required to obtain a Drive Only license?

Please see Drive Only License Document Checklist.  In addition, you must sign an affidavit at the time of scheduling your appointment stating that you have filed or will file, as soon as you are eligible, an application to legalize your immigration status.  (NOTE:  This affidavit is required by law.  The scheduling website includes the affidavit.  NO NOTARY IS REQUIRED.)

Does DMV accept identity documents in a language other than English?

No, if your document(s) is in any language other than English, it must be translated by a DMV-approved translator

Is a foreign birth certificate an acceptable form of identification for the Drive Only checklist?
Yes, an original foreign birth certificate with a raised seal will be an acceptable secondary document.

When I applied online for the learner's permit test appointment, the name on my application is missing the middle name.  How do I fix it before my test date?
If a person applies online for their learner's permit test appointment and uses only their first and last names, when they arrive at the DMV office to take the test, DMV staff will add the middle name based upon their primary document. Also, if the applicant used only part of their last name, the DMV staff will add the full last name which is listed on the primary document.

I just moved to a new address after making my learner's permit test appointment online.  What do I need to bring to my appointment for proof of residency?
The applicant must bring proof of residency with two (2) pieces of mail older than 90 days proving they lived at their OLD Connecticut address and two (2) pieces of mail from their NEW address.  The types of mail required to be older than 90 days old for new applicants are defined in the “A” list on the Drive Only Document Checklist. The same rule applies for mail from the “B” list on the checklist, meaning for new applicants bringing mail from the “B” list, they must bring mail older than 12 months proving they lived at their OLD Connecticut address and mail from their NEW address.

Will DMV accept my New Haven Elm City Card as identification for the Drive Only checklist?

No.  The Drive Only law defines what documents can be used for identification and the Elm City Card is not included.

Can I bring another person with me for my on-the-road skills test to interpret?

No.  Connecticut DMV does not allow any other person to be in the car for a road test.  Every applicant must understand and speak enough English to understand basic driving instructions from the DMV agent and to read the road signs.

Will I receive my Drive Only learner’s permit the day I present my documents and take my vision and knowledge tests?

No. All Drive Only learners' permits will be mailed to your Connecticut residence address within thirty (30) days from passing the tests.

What happens if I do not receive my Drive Only learner's permit in
the mail?
If you do not receive your Drive Only learner's permit because you have moved within thirty (30) days from passing your tests, you must contact the Central Issuance Unit at (860) 263-5247.

I have a similar Drive Only license or driving privilege from another state and have moved to Connecticut.  Can I transfer my similar out-of-state Drive Only license for a Connecticut Drive Only license?
You cannot transfer at this time.  Please check back periodically for updates.  For now, you may apply for a Drive Only license as a new driver, and take the knowledge and road tests, or wait until Connecticut DMV has the system changed to accept a transfer. 

Will other states recognize or honor a Connecticut Drive Only license?

The Connecticut DMV believes that the Connecticut Drive Only license will be honored in other states.  However, you should check with the other state before driving in it.

How can I obtain a Connecticut Driver’s Manual?

Click here to view the Connecticut Driver’s Manual.

Can I use my Drive Only license for identification?
No.  Drive Only licenses are only valid for driving purposes and cannot be used as identification.  In addition, Drive Only licenses are not valid for identification for voting purposes.  EXCEPTION: A Drive Only license can be used to register a motor vehicle in Connecticut.

Will there be a Drive Only ID Card?

No.  Drive Only licenses cannot be used for identification purposes. EXCEPTION:  A Drive Only license can be used to register a motor vehicle in Connecticut. 

Are there restrictions with a Drive Only license (e.g. curfew, etc.)?

There are no restrictions unique to the Drive Only license except it cannot be used for identification.  If the Drive Only holder is under 18, they must comply with the state's teen driving laws that do include curfews, passenger restrictions, etc.

I have been convicted of a felony in Connecticut.  Am I still eligible for a Drive Only license?
No.  You will be subject to a background check for any felony convictions in Connecticut as part of the application process for a Drive Only license.  You are not eligible for a Drive Only license if you have been convicted of a felony in Connecticut.

I believe I may be suspended.  How do I resolve this?

Please see Suspension Issues.  You may also e-mail the DMV Driver Services Division at or call (860) 263-5720.

I may have had a fake or fraudulent license or ID card.  How do I resolve this before applying for a Drive Only license?

See this webpage if you have a fake or fraudulent license or ID card or contact DMV’s Document Integrity Unit at (860) 263-5331 to resolve this before applying for a Drive Only license.

How will the length that my Drive Only license is valid be determined?

In accordance with state law, the length of the Drive Only license term will be randomly generated by computer software.  The license fee is the same regardless of the term. Your new Drive Only license will be valid for 3 1/2 to 5 years. When you renew your Drive Only license, it will be valid for 3 years.

How do I renew my Drive Only license?

See instructions on how to renew your Drive Only license.

What happens once I legalize my status?

Once you legalize your status, you become eligible for a (Regular or Verified) Connecticut Driver’s License as long as all other requirements for licensing can be met at that time.

How do I change my name on my Drive Only license?

See change of name information.

How do I change my address for my Drive Only license?

In order to change your address for your Drive Only license, please see Change of Address.  Your new address must be a Connecticut residence address.

How do I replace my Drive Only license?

If your Drive Only license is lost or stolen, you must visit a DMV office and pay the duplicate license fee. This service is not offered at AAA locations, Milford and North Haven Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union, Stamford (The WorkPlace, Inc.) or West Haven City Hall.

I have an outstanding immigration issue, am I still eligible for a Drive Only license?

Yes.  The Connecticut DMV will not be checking your immigration status.

Is the Connecticut DMV able to provide any assurances that Drive Only license information will not be shared with federal immigration authorities?

As a practice, we do not give out your personal information to government agencies.   Government agencies that need DMV information to fulfill their official functions may be able to obtain it under exceptions to certain privacy laws known as the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) and section 14-10 of the Connecticut General Statutes (state laws).  Every request from a government agency is evaluated and the Commissioner may grant or deny the request. 

Can I obtain a Motorcycle Permit? 
Once you have received you Drive Only Driver's License, you may apply for a Motorcycle Permit.  Please see obtaining a motorcycle permit for more details.

Can I obtain a Drive Only license if my B1/B2 status has expired but my visa is still valid?

Yes, but you must be able to prove that you no longer have valid B-1/B-2 status.  If your foreign passport contains a B-1/B-2 entry visa you must either have an admission stamp that is older than one year in your foreign passport or provide an I-94 indicating that your status has expired.