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Facial coverings must be worn during all road skills tests and are highly recommended to be worn when entering a DMV office.

CDL Skills Test Exemption for Military Applicants


Active duty, recently separated (within one year of application), or reservist military personnel may be allowed an exemption from the CDL driving skills test based on their holding of a military license, which authorizes operation of military vehicles that are representative of a commercial motor vehicle of a similar class.

Military personnel described above will be granted an exemption from the CDL skills test provided he or she meets all criteria required under Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR).  This exemption applies only to the CDL skills test and does not include any testing requirements for public transportation, school bus, or hazardous material.

All applicants must pass the required knowledge test(s) based on the type of vehicle to be driven. Knowledge tests will be provided at no fee if the applicant is in active duty status, or meets the current military fee exemption criteria.  Self certification and medical certification requirements apply. 

Applicants must also provide information on all states where they were previously licensed during the past 10 years.

All applicants must present the following:

  • Valid verified (with gold star) Connecticut Driver's License. If you do not have a verified license, you will be required to provide additional identity documents. See here for more information.
  • Valid U.S. Government Motor Vehicle Operator Identification Card.
  • Military Identification Card or DD-214 (if recently separated).
  • Medical certification dated within 2 years and completed by  a certified medical examiner found on the National Registry (actual physical or medical certification card must be on file with Connecticut DMV).
  • Self-certification as to the type of commercial driving is required. 
  • Completed DMV Forms B-88 (fee waiver) and R-229A (application for CT CDL).
  • Social Security card or proof of SSN.
  • Evidence that the applicant operated a military motor vehicle representative of the commercial motor vehicle he or she operates or expects to operate for at least the 2 years immediately preceding discharge from the military. 
  • Completed Application for Military Skills Test Waiver

The U.S. Government license must indicate the type of vehicle(s) and the vehicle capacity that the applicant is qualified to operate.  In order to qualify for the exemption, the GVWR of the military operated must be at least 26,001 lbs. The applicant may also apply for a class C CDL.