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Facial coverings must be worn during all road skills tests and are highly recommended to be worn when entering a DMV office.

Obtaining a Commercial Driver License - Skills Test
Once you have passed the required knowledge/endorsement tests and obtained a CLP, you may schedule for a skills test. 
To schedule a skills test appointment you must complete the Request for a CDL Exam from a Private Citizen (R-405) and email the PDF document to  DMV will process your request and provide you with a test date within 3 business days.
Military personnel may be eligible for a skills test exemption.
See more skill test information on the following topics:
Skills test will be given to the following applicants and must be taken in a representative vehicle:
Vehicles for CDL road skills test
Current License Class Desired License Class  Representative Vehicle
 Non-commercial driver's license  Any CDL See CDL Definitions
 CDL "C"  CDL "B" or "A"  See CDL Definitions 
CDL "B" CDL "A"  See CDL Definitions 
Currently holding a CDL "A", "B" or "C"   Wants to obtain a "P" and/or "S" endorsement See CDL Definitions
Currently holding a CDL and requesting to revoke an "L" Restriction (Air Brake Restriction)  CDL without an "L" Restriction  Vehicle of equal or high CDL Class with Air Brakes 
NOTE:  Skills test will not be conducted using the following: 
  • Trailer greater than 48 feet in length
  • Vehicle bearing a Farm, Transport, or any Dealer or Repairer plates
  • A truck-tractor is NOT representative of a Class “B” vehicle
  • Vehicles with loaded cargo are not allowed for the skills test. 
What to bring to the Skills Test:
  • The representative test vehicle for the class of license for which you are applying.  See chart above.
  • Be accompanied by a driver who holds a valid CDL which authorizes operation of the test vehicle to and from the test
  • Your VALID Connecticut driver’s license
  • Commercial Driver Instruction Permit (CDIP)
  • Goldenrod (GOLD COPY) of the Application for Commercial Driver's License (DMV Form R-229a).
    o NOTE: If you lose your goldenrod copy you will be required to complete a new R-229a and repay the $30 skills test fee at a DMV branch prior to testing. Request a new form to be mailed to you.
  • Statement receipt validated for $30.00 Skills test fee 
  • You must have a current, legible, unexpired medical certificate completed by a Certified Medical Examiner on file with the DMV prior to renewal.  Please upload your current certificate to Connecticut's Online Medical Certification System.

You will be evaluated on the following items:
  • Pre-trip inspection
  • Static course
  • On-the-road/skills test
Passing the skills test:
After you successfully pass all sections of the skills test, in order to obtain the proper classification/endorsements on your license, you will be instructed to go into the same office where you took your knowledge test.   You must wait two business days after you have passed your skills test to obtain your new license as skills test results from the field must be entered into the system prior to issuance.


Failing the skills test portion:
If you fail any part of the skills test it will result in a failure of the entire skills test.  You will be required to complete a new Application for Commercial Driver’s License (DMV Form R-229a) and pay $30 to take the test again and a new appointment must be scheduled.  There is a minimum wait of seven days between skills tests.


Changing the class of your CDL:
If you wish to change the class of your CDL license you will be required to take any additional knowledge and skills tests.  There will be a $30 duplicate fee to obtain a new license.