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Wrecker Inspections

Under CGS 14-66, only a Connecticut Licensed Dealer or Repairer (not recycler) may obtain a wrecker registration and plates.  Prior to initial registration, all wreckers must pass an inspection at a DMV inspection lane.  No appointment is needed.  There is no fee for the inspection.

NOTE: No inspection is required for renewal of a wrecker registration

Prepare for your wrecker inspection and review a sample inspection report checklist.

If the wrecker is an out-of-state vehicle, a VIN verification is required and can be done with the wrecker inspection.

Additional Information on Wrecker Inspections
In addition to inspection items, applicants are required to comply with the following at time of inspection:

• Display of a valid Dealer, Repairer or Transporter plate. Transporter plates do not require a supplemental ID card; however the plate displayed must be issued to the company presenting the vehicle for inspection.

• Operator must be in possession of a valid license with proper endorsement

• Valid supplemental dealer identification card (for the dealer/repairer plate displayed on the vehicle)

• Vehicle ownership/lease documents

• Copy of a valid dealer’s/repairer’s license (includes limited repairer) Inspectors must verify Dealer’s/Repair’s license for validity, Bond and Insurance by placing a call to D&R Division. The R-294 form will be noted after confirmation across the upper right corner with the wording "Bond & Ins OK" with the Inspector’s punch mark until a revised form can be used.

• Light and Gross Vehicle weight rating as evidenced on the manufacture’s capacity plate or label

• CT DOT number – required for vehicles with a GVWR or combined GVWR (wrecker and towed vehicle) of 10,001 lbs. or more, engaged in interstate commerce.

OR vehicles with a GVWR of 18,001 lbs. or more or combined GVWR (wrecker and towed vehicle) of 18,001 lbs or more, engaged in intrastate commerce.

Valid medical cards are required for the operators of these vehicles.

After the wrecker is inspected you must register the wrecker.