The deadline to register to vote through the DMV for the November 3, 2020 election is October 27, 2020. Recently expired licenses or ID cards that are subject to the extensions are still valid to use for voting. Learn more about elections and voting.

Know Before You Go

DMV Made Easier for You


Our mission is to give you the right information to make your next experience with us as smooth as possible. See the links the below to help with your next DMV experience.

  • Can I make an appointment for a DMV service?
  • Can I avoid visiting a DMV office?
  • What documents do I need before I visit?


Can I make an appointment for a DMV service?

DMV now operates by appointment only. 

In addition, DMV's license partners also operate by appointment only for license/ID card renewals and duplicates: 

Can I avoid visiting a DMV office? 

DMV offers over 20 online services, several over-the-phone options and non-DMV license partner offices for renewals and duplicates.  Select the link below to see if you can avoid a trip to a DMV office.


What documents do I need before I visit?

Due to laws and regulations, required documents for DMV services can sometimes be complicated.  Our goal is to make it as easy as possible.

Check out the list of common services below and find out in detail what you need: