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Facial coverings must be worn during all road skills tests and are highly recommended to be worn when entering a DMV office.

Frequently Asked Questions 

DMV Apps

1. Is CT DMV Mobile an official State of Connecticut App?
CT DMV Mobile is an official State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles app for iPhone, iPad and Android. It provides
  • Practice Knowledge Test Questions and Answers from The Real Test
  • Parent Quiz on Teen Drivers
  • DMV and AAA Office Locations and DMV Services Offered
2. Do I have to buy the CT DMV Mobile?
The CT DMV Mobile App is free to download.

3. Do I need to create an account to use CT DMV Mobile?
CTDMV Mobile does not require a user to create an account to utilize the features of the app.

4. Does my phone support CT DMV Mobile?
CT DMV Mobile will run on Apple phones with iOS 7 and above and Android phones with 4.0 and above.
To find what operating system your device currently has:
For Apple phones, go to: Settings  General  About  Version.
For Android phones, go to: Settings  About Phone  Android Version.

5. How do I download CT DMV Mobile?
There are two locations to download CT DMV Mobile:
1. Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles website:
2. Your device’s app store.
Apple devices:
• Proceed to the Apple App Store to download the app.
• Search for “CT DMV.”
o For iPad: Filter the results by choosing “iPhone Only.”
Android devices:
• Proceed to Google Play to download the app.
• Search for “CT DMV.”
Click on the DMV Mobile App icon to launch the app.

6. Can CT DMV Mobile be used on an iPad or tablet?
Users can access CTDMV Mobile on an iPad or tablet by following these steps:
For an iPad:
1. Proceed to the Apple App Store.
2. Search for “CT DMV.”
3. Filter the results by choosing “iPhone Only.”
For Android tablets:
1. Proceed to Google Play.
2. Search for “CT DMV.”

7.  What do I do if I cannot locate the CT DMV Mobile icon on my device?
If you cannot locate the CT DMV Mobile App on your device, then you must download the app again. Please see question 6 for instructions on how to download the app.

8. What are the features of CT DMV Mobile?
CT DMV Mobile offers:
• DMV's online services.
• Three Practice Learner’s Permit Tests.
• One Parent Quiz.
• DMV locations and services.
• AAA locations and services.

9. Do the app questions reflect the DMV test questions?
The Practice Learner’s Permit Test questions and answers represent 60 test questions used on the actual DMV Learner’s Permit Test.
The parent quiz was developed as a guide for parents to test their own knowledge on parenting a teen to drive, but parents are not required to take any tests when their teens apply for a learner's permit or a license.

10. I cannot locate the “Previous” and “Next” buttons while taking the practice tests.
For some devices, the user must scroll down to view the “Previous” and “Next” buttons.

11. Can I take the Practice Learner’s Permit Tests and Parent Quiz multiple times?
There is no limit to the amount of times a user can take the Practice Tests and Parent Quiz.

12. Can the Practice Learner’s Permit Test session time out?
The practice test session will only time out if the user exits the app.

13. Do the Practice Learner’s Permit Tests and Parent Quiz provide test results?
Test scores are provided for the user at the end of each practice test and Parent Quiz. The user will have the option to review their answers.

14. Does CT DMV Mobile offer sharing capabilities?
Users can share the app and their test results through their Facebook, Twitter and e-mail accounts provided these accounts already exist on their device
However, to share test results, users must be connected to the Internet and logged into their Facebook, Twitter or e-mail accounts.

15. Does CT DMV Mobile contain maps?

Locate your nearest DMV branch or AAA location by following these steps:
1. From the DMV Mobile App main menu, choose “Find Locations and Estimated Wait Times.”
2. Choose your desired DMV branch or AAA location.
3. Choose “Map” located in the top-right corner of the header.
4. Your device’s built-in map service will display the location of your desired DMV branch or AAA location.
Also, verify that you are logged into your Facebook, Twitter or e-mail account on your device.

16. Can I use CT DMV Mobile without an Internet connection?
The Practice Learner’s Permit Tests and Parent Quiz are available offline. The DMV branches and AAA locations require an Internet connection.
Please verify that your device has an Internet connection. Also, verify that your Wi-Fi is on by:
For Apple and Android devices: Go to Settings ? Wi-Fi.