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Dealers and Repairers License and
Registration Fees

(As of July 1, 2011)

Acceptable Forms of Payment at DMV office locations.
Application Fee $140 1 time fee
Used Dealer License $560 2 year
New Dealer License $700 2 year
General Repairer License $340 2 year
Limited Repairer License $340 2 year
Manufacturer’s License $2,300 2 year
Recycler (junkyard) Application fee $280 1 time fee
Recycler (junkyard) New license
$705 1 year
Recycler (junkyard) Renewal license $700 2 year
Dealer plates $140 2 year
Special SX plates commercial plate fee 2 year
Motorcycle Dealer plates $74 2 year 
Recycler (junkyard) plates $140 2 year
Marine Dealer plates for trailers $100 2 year