Frequently Asked Questions on Leased Vehicles

My lease has expired; how do I turn my vehicle in?
The provisions for turn-in are contained in your lease contract; if you cannot locate the contract, contact the dealer through whom you leased the vehicle for the turn-in procedure. 

The lease company has examined my lease vehicle and determined that there is damage for which  I am responsible. What are my obligations?
This provision is spelled out in your contract. If the amount is in dispute, there is a remedy in the law that provides for an independent estimate for comparison. Contact the Attorney General's Office at 860-808-5400 for information.

There was over one year left on my leased vehicle registration when I turned in the vehicle. Can I get this money back?
The lease company is the owner of the vehicle. The contract you have will state who is responsible for registration fees. If you paid for the registration, you may be entitled to money back from the lease company, but not the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The lease company is charging me for mileage in excess of my lease. What is my responsibility?
The contract that you signed at the beginning of the lease contained the mileage limit for the duration of the lease. It also provided a figure for each mile over the contracted mileage. Review your contract, calculate the total miles that you put on the vehicle in excess of the lease contract, and multiply this by the cost per mile figure in your contract. This should equal the amount the lease company is charging you for. If it is not calculated properly, contact the Attorney General's Office at 860-808-5400 for information.

I did not use the miles allowed for in my lease contract. Can I receive a refund or adjustment?
The contract would state if you were due a refund for mileage that was not used. Most contracts do not have a provision for this type of refund.

I have to turn in my leased vehicle before the end of my lease. What are the charges for which I am responsible?
Your contract will have an "early lease termination" clause in it. This is what you agreed to at the time of lease inception. There may be costs involved that you are responsible for. If the costs assessed to you are not in your original contract, you may obtain information from the Attorney General's Office at 860-808-5400.

The lease company is charging me an inspection fee when I terminate my lease termination. Can the company charge that fee?
Any fees that are charged to you need to have been stated in your original lease agreement. Review the contract and discuss any discrepancies with the lease company.

My lease has a figure for which I can purchase my leased vehicle at the end of the lease. Is that cost negotiable?
The figure is part of the contract. Any negotiations would be between you and the lease company. There is no mandated negotiation unless your contract is missing a buy-out cost.