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Motor Vehicle Dealers

Online Registrations with Compliance Issues

(Property Tax, Insurance, Emissions, etc.)

If your customer has a compliance issue (delinquent tax, insurance compliance, parking tickets, registration suspension), you have 14 days to have the customer resolve the issue. 

DMV no longer accepts paper tax clearances from tax collectors. See additional information.

If after 14 days the customer does not resolve the compliance issue, you may send the paperwork to the DMV's Dealer Online Unit as a "title only" transaction.  Here are the procedures:
  1. Both the dealer and the customer must sign the Request for Title Only Transaction form. The form states that if the customer does not resolve their compliance issue, the DMV will cancel their current registration and they will lose all equity.
  2. Hold all the paperwork for 14 days.
  3. If the customer comes back within that 14-day period with the compliance issue resolved, register the vehicle as you would normally do.
  4. If the customer does not come back within the 14-day period, send to DMV the completed Request for Title Only Transaction form signed by both the dealer and customer, along with the DMV paperwork and associated fees, to perfect the lien. 
  5. Mail the documents/fees to: The Department of Motor Vehicles, Dealer Online Unit - Room 305, 60 State Street, Wethersfield, CT  06161.
  6. DMV will perfect the lien and send the customer a letter stating that their lien has been perfected. The customer will be advised that once the compliance issue is resolved they may go to their local DMV branch to register their vehicle.   The customer will need to provide the letter they received from the DMV, a completed H-13 form, their driver’s license, insurance card and required fees for the transaction.  *Please do NOT use a Title Only for changing or correcting  a lienholder.  The Title Only form is to be used ONLY to perfect a lien when a customer has compliance issues.