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Motor Vehicle Dealers

Procedures for Dealer Online Registrations


This webpage is a resource for Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) licensed motor vehicle dealerships that can register vehicles through an online system. 

Additional instructions on:

When submitting work to the Online Processing Unit at DMV, please follow the procedures below:
  1. When issuing a registration and title document through the online dealer system, please be sure all of the data is accurate before committing the transaction.
  2. Print a Transaction Detail Report (Transmittal Sheet) with one day’s work.  Multiple days must not be submitted with one transmittal sheet.  The work is filed by date, so there should not be more than one day of work per transmittal sheet.
  3. Please scan all of the documents you are submitting (aside from the driver’s license or ID card).
  4. You must submit an H-13 form, MCO or Title, Federal Odometer Statement, insurance card, a copy of a driver’s license or ID card, any additional required documents if needed (Q-1, etc.), and an imaging cover sheet for each transaction.
  5. Attach the Transmittal Detail Report and put the transaction(s) in the order that they are indicated on the transmittal sheet.
  6. You must attach all of the transactions indicated on the transmittal sheet.
  7. Send all work to the DMV, Dealer Processing Unit, Room 305, 60 State St, Wethersfield, CT 01616.