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Towing and Storage Rates

(Non-consensual Only)

There are maximum allowable rates established by the Department of Motor Vehicles for non-consensual towing and storage.

Non-consensual tows are defined as any tow from a highway, street or adjacent area ordered by a law enforcement officer when the arrangements with the tower are made by the officer or the law enforcement agency. Non-consensual also includes any tow from private property when the arrangements with the tower are not made by the owner or operator of the motor vehicle. The Department of Motor Vehicles does not regulate towing and storage rates when performed at the request of the vehicle owner. 

See maximum allowable rates for non-consensual effective July 1, 2018:

For vehicles less than 10,000 lbs, there is a set rate for all services necessary to prepare the vehicle for the tow. The rate includes the first two miles of the tow. If winching or exceptional services are performed, extra charges are allowed. There is a set mileage rate after the first two miles.  Larger vehicles from 10-26,000 lbs and vehicles over 26,000 lbs have a set hourly rate based on the weight of the vehicle, and mileage is included in the hourly rate. 

The maximum, non-consensual towing and storage rates are on file with DMV and are not to be exceeded. Only DMV-licensed dealers and repairers are permitted to obtain a wrecker registration in Connecticut.

File a Complaint regarding non-consensual towing or storage rates.