Questioned Documents - Special Revenue Integrity Management

Special Revenue Integrity-Lotto

The Special Revenue Integrity Management Section (SRIM) of the Questioned Documents (QD) Unit at the Forensic Science Laboratory work closely with the Connecticut Division of Special Revenue to ensure quality and integrity of scratch-off lottery tickets before they are made available for public purchase. Similarly, after tickets are purchased, but before payment on some purported winning tickets, these tickets are first presented to the SRIM section of the laboratory to undergo scrutiny aimed at identifying any evidence of tampering or alteration. SRIM examiners will routinely work with printing companies across the country to provide advice regarding printing methods that scientifically will yield the most secure scratch-off lottery ticket manufacturing process.

SRIM examiners at the Forensic Science Laboratory perform up to eighty (80) tests aimed at ensuring only the most secure and reliable scratch-off tickets are made available for purchase by the public. To accomplish this goal, SRIM examiners conduct complex forensic analysis on each scratch-off lottery ticket presented for examination utilizing various scientific methods and instrumentation e.g., ultra-violet and infrared analysis, liquid chromatography, microscopy and wet chemistry processes.