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Announcement From The Connecticut Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security


Disaster Recovery; Key Links, Resources and Programs

Hurricane Season 2018

The following list of Disaster Recovery links, programs and resources are being provided in one place for ease of access before, during and after potential disaster situations.


Public Assistance Contact Information:

PA Officer: Dana Conover, 860-883-3904 (Cell)

Deputy PA Officer: Mark Scerra, 860-250-8285 (Cell)

Deputy PA Officer:Judy Pahl, 860-685-8543

Deputy PA Officer: Frank Prochaska. 860-685-8557

Fax Number: 860-685-8633


Individual Assistance Contact Information:

IA Officer:RitaStewart 860-685-8461

Fax Number: 860-685-8359

Deputy IA Officer: Ken Dumais 860-685-8151

Fax Number: 860-685-8359