School Security Competitive Grant Program

Program Forms

 The resources on this page are for awarded grantees with approved projects actively in progress.

PLAN SUBMISSION REMINDER: Compliance with Conn. Gen. States 10-222m and 10-222n by the grantee will be confirmed prior to final reimbursement. Payment will be withheld until a plan is submitted or the grantee is actively working on updating the plan. Plans should be submitted to the DEMHS Regional Office where your district /school is located.

Reimbursement Forms

Quarterly Monitoring

  • Quarterly Monitoring Form
    The grantee must provide the grantor (DESPP/DEMHS) with quarterly status updates of its project progress. Failure to provide this report on a quarterly basis may result in funding being withheld. Please submit this form to within 30 days of the close of the quarter.


Due Date

July 1- September 30

October 31

October 1- December 31

January 31

January 1- March 31

April 30

April 1- June 30

July 30

Other Forms:

  • Emergency Plan Certification Form: This form was located in the grant application and is a requirement for funding under this program. Please click here to view this form.  (If you have already completed your emergency plan and have not submitted it to your regional coordinator, please submit to your DEMHS Regional Coordinator for review)
  • Full NCEF Checklist: This full "Long Form" all hazards NCEF Checklist is required to be submitted prior to reimbursement. (Please note that this is different from the shortened version in the grant application)
  • Source of Credit Letter Template: This letter template is provided for grantees  who have received credits from vendors and those credits were applied to future invoices. This letter is to be used when it is not easy to discern the source of credited funds and to determine that no other grant funding sources were used to fund the original credited invoices.
  • Generator Breakdown Questionnaire: This form is to be used for grantees who have been pre-approved for generators in their SSCGP grant. This form helps determine the percentage of generator costs used to support  School Security Infrastructure for reimbursement and budgeting purposes.