State Emergency Operations Center

The State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) is the State’s coordination center for emergency services during any major emergency affecting the State of Connecticut. The SEOC is activated when ordered by the Governor or designated representative at the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection. The SEOC is located on the ground floor of the State Armory, 360 Broad Street, Hartford, Connecticut. SEOC contact information is available here.


When a major emergency or disaster strikes, centralized emergency management is needed. The SEOC facilitates a coordinated response by the Governor, State Emergency Management officials and key disaster specific representatives.

The following functions are among those performed in the SEOC outlined in the State Response Framework:

  • Receiving and disseminating warnings, alerts and protective actions.
  • Providing planning, logistical, operational and financial support to the Governor's Unified Command.
  • Developing and disseminating policies and protective actions made by the governors Unified Command.
  • Documenting the Civil Preparedness Emergency declaration process.
  • Coordinating the flow of information and resources between federal, state, regional, local and tribal representatives.
  • Collecting intelligence from and disseminating information to the various SEOC representatives and, as appropriate, to municipal, military and federal agencies.
  • Preparing intelligence/information summaries, situation reports, operation reports and other reports as required.
  • Maintaining general and specific maps, information display boards and other data pertaining to emergency operations.
  • Continuing analysis and evaluation of all data pertaining to statewide emergency operations.