Haystack Mountain State Park


Haystack Mountain State Park


Haystack Mountain State Park will be conducting an Ash Salvage Timber Harvest beginning November 29, 2021; the harvest is expected to continue for up to two months.  Informational signage about trails and roads, which are closed, will be posted throughout the park. 

Please obey all posted signage and notices.  Do NOT approach contractors and logging equipment as this can be dangerous.  Please maintain a minimum distance of 300' from equipment, knowing that even greater distance is better.  Equipment operators often cannot see someone walking up from behind equipment or hear anyone above the noise of operating equipment.  It is best to give workers a wide berth to maintain public safety, allow the park to remain open, and let the work be safely completed, as quickly as possible. 

Please reach out to Jeremy Clark, State Lands Forester, with questions or concerns, by email at:  jeremy.clark@ct.gov.  Additionally, Stephany Dumond, the State Parks Unit Manager, who oversees Haystack Mountain, can be reached via email at:  stephany.dumond@ct.gov

Travel the twisting mountain road or hike the rugged trail to the top, either way you will be astounded at the beauty of mountain laurel in June and the spectacular colors of foliage in the fall.




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Content last updated November 2021