Farm River State Park


The Farm River drains parts of Durham, Wallingford and North Branford on its 16.5 mile journey past Farm River State Park to Long Island Sound. The 61 acres that make up the park are situated on the western shoreline perfectly positioned to enjoy the full beauty of the river just before it empties into the Sound.

As recently as the early 1970s, this area of the lower Farm River was dominated by unkempt summer homes. Land was inexpensive and available. Today, the neighborhood consists of luxury condominiums, and the state, in retrospect, was fortunate to obtain this park when it did. In 1998 it was designated as a state park. Despite its size, the park’s diversity is remarkable. Snowy egrets feed in the marshland and share the tidal wetlands and rocky shore with a wide variety of ducks, gulls, and the occasional blue heron.

This quiet park has fascinating and picturesque geology. The uplands and bedrock outcrops, especially in the northern section, provide the landscape diversity and the topography that allow tidal marsh flooding to separate the park into its upper and lower portions. The river shoreline and its access points in the southern section provide a quiet and scenic respite not often accessible this close to the coast.

There are two primary access points, and from these the trails are measured in hundreds, not thousands, of feet. But off-trail exploration will lead you to scenic vistas that are definitely worth the walk.