Sector Rules and Certification for Reopen



All businesses subject to the Phase 1 and Phase 2 reopening rules are required to self-certify prior to opening.

NOTE: If you already self-certified your business during Phase 1, your business will NOT need to certify again during Phase 2.
Visit here for a searchable list of businesses that have self-certified


Phase 2 Reopen Rules by Sector (for June 17 opening)

  • Senior Centers (takes effect Sept. 1) english / espanol
  • Amusement Parks (updated 8/14) english
  • Hotels / Lodging (updated 8/14) english
  • Restaurants  (updated 9/23) english
  • Museums, zoos, and aquariums (updated 8/14) english
  • Indoor recreation (updated 8/14)                            english
  • Libraries (updated 8/14) english
  • Outdoor events (updated 9/23) english
  • Indoor Events (updated 9/17) english
  • Personal services  (updated 9/23) english
  • Sports and fitness facilities (e.g., gyms, fitness centers, pools, etc.)   english
    (updated 9/23)
  • Film, Television and Digital Media Production                                        english 

Social Clubs to follow all rules applicable to their operation (e.g. Restaurant, Pool).

Driving Schools to follow Office rules (see below).  For on-road training, there can be two-people per car, both must wear masks, windows must be rolled down, and thorough cleanings are required between customers.

Short-term housing rentals are recommended to follow hotels/lodging rules above.

Rules for Gatherings and Venues (must follow indoor or outdoor event rules) 

Effective July 24

  • Fairs, festivals and carnivals - 25% of last year's attendance

Effective July 3rd

  • Indoor private gatherings (e.g. weddings, office meetings, parties) – 25 people (including staff)
  • Outdoor private gatherings (e.g. weddings, reunions, parties) – 100 people (including staff), one-time exception for graduations @ 150 people 
  • Outdoor organized gatherings open to the public (e.g. Fireworks, Concert in Municipal Park)  – 15 feet of space blanket to blanket, cap of 500 people.  Event organizer responsible for compliance with guidance.
    • For events that cannot accommodate the 15 foot requirement, 6 feet of space may be used but customers must be masked except while eating and drinking and lines clearly marking seating areas must be drawn.  Click here for sample seating layout.
  • Outdoor Event Venues (e.g. Amphitheaters, Race Tracks) - 25% of Fire Capacity and distancing
    • Note: if an outdoor event venue is holding a private gathering, they are subject to the 100-person limit under outdoor private gatherings (see above)

Phase 1 Reopen Rules by Sector

Governor Lamont’s Executive Order No. 7PP  repeals several previously enacted executive orders to allow for the safe reopening of certain sectors of the economy on May 20, including for the reopening of outdoor dining, offices, retail and malls, museums and zoos, university research and outdoor recreation businesses.  The Department of Economic and Community Development shall issue a list of business types permitted to reopen, which may be amended from time to time and shall be incorporated in the Sector Rules.

General Business Rules

As of May 19, 2020, general business rules shall only apply to University Research and Outdoor Recreation activities (defined below). 

  • General Business Rules  (updated 8/14)
  • University Research
  • Outdoor Recreation activities are defined as the following:
    • Equestrian (subject to Dept. of Agriculture guidance)
    • Mountain Biking 
    • Camping
    • Head, Party, and Tour Boats (50% capacity or one passenger/family per six feet of rail space)
    • Charter Fishing (50% capacity or one passenger/family per six feet of rail space)
    • Sport Fishing (50% capacity or one passenger/family per six feet of rail space)
    • Go Kart Race Tracks
    • Rock Climbing Walls
    • Golf
    • Driving Ranges
    • Tennis/Paddleball/Pickleball
    • Group Training (up to 100 people), outdoors maintain 6 feet
    • Race Tracks 
    • Campgrounds - follow all rules applicable to their operation (e.g. Retail, Pool)
    • Outdoor Shooting Range
    • Kayaking, Sailing, Canoeing and Stand-up Paddleboarding
    • Dirt Biking 
    • Mini Golf
    • Batting Cages
    • Archery
    • Rope Courses
    • Ziplines
    • Volleyball (2 vs. 2 only)
    • Elm City Party Bike (with barrier between employees and riders)
    • Outdoor Skating Rinks (50% capacity for free skating sessions and lessons).  Hockey must follow rules for sports and fitness facilities (see above).

Downloadable Guidelines by Sector


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