Minority Business Initiative

Advisory Councils

The Minority Business Initiative Advisory Board is comprised of community leaders, small business owners, and business development professionals, with a range of experience in any of the following areas:

  • skill, knowledge and experience in business and business development, procurement, and state and federal contracting;
  • skill, knowledge and experience in developing minority-owned businesses;
  • membership or office position in a community organization serving minority populations that has economic development, including, but not limited to, business and entrepreneurial development, as part of its mission;
  • business development education and training expertise;
  • representing a business or organization that primarily engages in business development; or
  • business ownership.

Current members:

Avery Gaddis
Director of Urban Affairs, Connecticut Senate Republican Caucus

Howard Hill
Owner, Howard K. Hill Funeral Services LLC

Roberta Hoskie
President, Outreach Realty Servicing LLC

James Maye
Member, Law Offices of James T. Maye LLC

Doug McCrory
State Senator, Connecticut Senate Democratic Caucus

George Mathanool
Managing Partner, Connecticut Overseas Ventures and Enterprises, Inc. (COVE)

David Lehman
Commissioner, Connecticut Department of Economic & Community Development

Leonard Webb
Director, Ethnic Online

Samuel Wilson
Member, Samuel Wilson, Jr. CPA