Artists Respond - Currently accepting applications for Round 2!

Additional Application Information

Social Issue

Select the primary social issue your community-based project will address?

  • Equity and Racial Justice
  • Community Healing
  • Social Cohesion
  • Economic & Community Development
  • Mental Health
  • COVID-19 / pandemic
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Creative Aging
  • Accessibility / Disability
  • LGBTQ Community
  • Climate Justice / Environment
  • Anti-Violence / Anti-Bullying
  • Other (up to 4 word limit)

Select the statement that best aligns. The social issue is:

  • a consistent theme in my artistic work.
  • referenced in my artistic work on occasion.
  • a new direction for my artistic work.

Select the statement that best aligns. Community-based art projects are a:

  • new experience for me.
  • developing part of my work as an artist.
  • regular occurrence in my artistic practice.

Select the statement that best aligns.I see my project mostly focusing on:

  • research and investigation.
  • finding and implementing solutions.
  • storytelling and/or truth-telling.
Community & Audience

Select the statement that best aligns. The social issue is:

  • of significant interest to my community.
  • not well known but should be given greater focus by my community.
  • divisive for my community.

Select the statement that best aligns. My project will:

  • mostly reach an audience I've engaged in the past.
  • equally engage new and returning audience members.
  • strive to reach an audience unfamiliar with my work.

Select the statement that best aligns. My project will primarily work with a community and audience who:

  • engage in the arts regularly.
  • participate in the arts on occasion.
  • have limited access to the arts.

Self-Impact: This project will impact my artistic practice by:

  • challenging me to work in a new and different way.
  • building upon work I'm doing in my community.
  • introducing me to a new audience.
  • providing me with a platform where my artistic voice carries greater weight with non-arts professionals.
  • validating my artistic vision.
  • providing an opportunity to explore a social issue of significant interest to me.
  • helping me to employ and support other artists.
  • positioning me as a valuable small business / contributor  in my community.
  • Other (up to 15 word count)

Impact on Others: I anticipate a meaningful experience for others involved in my project because it:

  • will be designed and carried out collaboratively.
  • is a unique/inspiring project that will put our community on the map.
  • uses the arts in a thoughtful/powerful way to spur community conversations.
  • builds awareness that the arts can and should be engaged more frequently to address community/social issues.
  • reinforces that the arts can lead difficult conversations.
  • spurs community recovery.
  • addresses a topic that is a priority for my community.
  • will help the arts and artists in my community.
  • Other (up to 15 word count)
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