itsnotokCT Awareness-Reach out with a Ribbon-Pin

The Sexual Abuse Prevention and Awareness Task Force members will be “Reaching out with a Ribbon” to various people with ID/DD, friends, family, DDS staff, private providers and other Connecticut residents to spark a conversation to promote the importance of awareness and prevention of sexual assault and/or abuse.  Once you receive the ribbon/pin, we encourage you to pass it along in order to continue to spread the word that April is Sexual Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month.  We are also asking people to take a “selfie” sharing or wearing the ribbon that can be posted to #itsnotokCT.

Other things you can do to take action and spread the word!!!

  1. Cut and paste the below ribbon into your email address which can also be found on the DDS

  2. Use the ribbon to customize your background while in a TEAMS meeting

  3. Go to the DDS website to learn more about the various topics such as awareness, prevention, resources and empowerment

  4. Reach out with a Ribbon- by sending virtually (on-line) to an individual, staff, friend, neighbor, co-worker or family memberOnce you receive a Ribbon, we encourage you to take action by sharing “reaching out” to promote conversations that April is Sexual Abuse Prevention and Awareness.


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