Camp Harkness Parking (Closed due to COVID-19 until further notice)

Parking at Camp Harkness
There is no fee for parking at Camp Harkness.  Each parking area listed below includes designated handicapped parking spaces.
Main Parking – The main parking area is located behind Brown Cabins.  All cabins, buildings, and facilities are located within a short distance of the main parking area.  All campers and day visitors are encouraged to use the main parking area as there is limited parking at the beachfront.  All visitors to Bingham Beach must use the main parking area
Beachfront Parking - There are limited parking spaces located at the beachfront.  These are used on a first-come first-served basis each day by Camp Harkness Passholders.  There is no parking allowed at the beachfront for visitors to Bingham Beach.
Other Parking – Tent site campers are allowed one vehicle per site.  There is no parking adjacent to any cabins.  There is limited parking near the infirmary behind the dining hall for visitors to those areas.  There is no parking allowed along any of the roadways in Camp Harkness