Individual and Family Fact Sheet
Portability:  You Really Do Have a Choice
Revised July2004
For People Receiving Residential or Day Services From DDS or Private Agencies

Part of the mission of the Department is to create opportunities for people with intellectual disability to "make choices in pursuit of a personal future."  Portable funds help you to do this. The key points of portability are:
  • If you receive residential or day services funded or provided by DDS, your funding is portable. This includes public DDS programs and private agency programs
  • You should be satisfied with the services you receive
  • If you are not satisfied, your provider should have an opportunity to make adjustments or improvements to meet your needs
  • If you are still not satisfied, your funding can be used to buy different services
  • You should talk with your current provider to give that agency a chance to respond to your concerns before you buy your supports elsewhere
  • If you need to change your supports for other reasons, you can also move your funding to buy different services
  • Your case manager or support broker will help you with this process.

What is Portability?

Portability means that you have control over your supports and the money used to pay for the services you receive. That money is "portable." You can use your funds to purchase services from any qualified provider you choose, or you may use those funds to hire your own staff. Cost of services vary among providers. To choose another service provider you can find out about that agency's cost and available capacity, or, join your resources with other individuals so that a provider may develop new capacity to serve you.

What Money Is Portable?

Funding for residential or day services funded or provided by DDS is portable. Each person who receives supports paid for by DDS has an individual amount of money allocated to pay for their supports. Portability does not provide additional funding, but rather allows you to spend what you have to get the supports you need from the provider of your choice.

Note: Specially funded programs may be excluded from the portability process. Check with your case manager for information about your situation.

What Are Portable Funds?
Portable funds are the dollars used to pay for your supports. These funds are in your provider's contract with DDS if you receive supports in the private sector or in the DDS budget if you receive services from the public sector. Portable funds are available to you to buy supports from the provider of your choice. Your case manager can tell you how much money is budgeted for the cost of your supports.
"make choices in pursuit of a personal future"
When Would The Portability Process Be Used?

The portability process may be used when you are not satisfied with the services you receive from your current public or private provider, or when you need to change who provides your services for some other reason.
"You decide what services are best for you"
How Can I Use The Portability Process?

First, you should contact your case manager. He or she will help you fill out a "Personal Control of Resources Request Form." Your case manager will send this form to your current provider and the regional resource manager or public services residential manager. A meeting will be held to talk with you and the provider about your concerns. (If you or your family does not choose to participate in the meeting, your case manager will represent you and let you know the content and outcome of the meeting.) Your current provider may propose a plan to address your concerns. Their plan might be to use your resources differently but would not include extra funding.
You will have a chance to discuss the proposed changes and think about whether you are satisfied with them. If you agree with the new plan, the provider and the region will work together to finalize it. Once agreement is reached, your case manager will make sure the changes you have requested happen.
Portability means that you have control over supports and the money used for the services you receive.

What If You Are Still Not Satisfied?

You decide what services are best for you. You may choose to keep working for changes with your current provider. You may choose to find a new provider. Or, you may choose to create an individual support budget and hire you own staff. Your case manager will help you implement your decision, using the existing funds that are dedicated to support you. A 30-day notice will be given to your current provider if you no longer want their services.