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Campaign Focus

Consumer Safety
  • Safety associated with the physical health of consumers, medication administration safety, special eating needs and other areas of health that affect the well being of our consumers

Community Safety

  • Safety associated with transportation, driving, recreation and other safety issues that arise when consumers and employees travel in the community. 

Home Safety

  • Safety associated with our consumers living environment, safety devices and protocols in their homes. 

Food Safety

  • Safety associated with consumer nutritional needs, including Dysphagia and allergies. 

Seasonal Safety

  • Safety associated with change in seasons and the precautions necessary so people are not adversely affected by the weather.

Environmental Safety

  • Safety associated with items in the environment that can be hazardous to consumers and employees. Storage of chemicals, walkways, fireplaces, etc. 

Workplace Safety

  • Safety associated with DMR and Private Provider employees in their workplace including; proper procedures in lifting consumers. 

Work Culture

  • Safety associated with the way employees perform their job duties, including, dress code, electronic device usage and respect for themselves and others.

Be Aware/Be Safe-Safety Expects the Unexpected Logo