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Interagency Developmental Disabilities Workgroup


P.A. 00-135 Section 19(a) established the Advisory Commission on Services and Supports for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (Commission) in response to strong advocacy and growing concerns about limited availability of supports for persons with developmental disabilities. The Commission's primary purpose was to advise the Commissioner of Mental Retardation concerning the need for services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities who do not have a condition defined as mental retardation pursuant to section 1-1g of the general statutes, as amended.

The Commission was charged with providing a series of recommendations and advice in four major areas: (1) defining the population to be served, (2) identifying the types of services and supports needed, (3) identifying how such services and supports can best be delivered, and (4) identifying the costs of such services and supports.

(Read the full text of Public Act 00-135 /  House Bill 5792 on the Connecticut General Assembly Website.)