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Spruce Brook Family Respite Center
About the Spruce Brook Family Respite Center
Spruce Brook Family Respite Center is located at 800 Spruce Brook Road, Southbury, Connecticut and it is surrounded by a beautiful country setting directly across from an apple orchard. The entire home has comfortable furniture for guests to relax in by spending time playing games or watching their favorite movie. The house has a lovely floor plan in a Cape Cod style home with hard wood floors throughout, an outdoor deck with a great view, a fire place (inoperable) and traditional furniture. The Spruce Brook home is wheelchair accessible and has three double occupancy bedrooms. Two of the bedrooms are located upstairs, so we ask that families let us know if their family members have the ability to use stairs. The bedroom located down stairs is off the living room area and is wheel chair accessible. The large dinning room provides the guests with a family style dining experience. The staff and guests are able to use the bright kitchen to prepare and serve the meals. Two bathrooms are located in the home and one is handicap accessible, and one full bathroom is located upstairs. The Spruce Brook environment is relaxing and designed to make the guests feel at home.


Spruce Brook Center has a nurse available to consult the Respite Staff however the nurse is not on site.Due to the fact that a nurse is not available on site the guests profile at Spruce Brook is reserved for those who have low medical needs.


Main Phone Number
Tel: (203) 262-1561
West Region Respite Coordinator
Jeanne Hager
Regional Respite Coordinator
Public Community Services
Tel:  (203) 806-8780
Fax: (860) 706-5830
Regional Residential Manager
Bernard McNair
Tel: (860) 496-3051
Cell: (860) 310-7248
Fax: (860) 920-3040
Kelley Sullivan, Respite Supervisor  
Spruce Brook Respite Center Contact
Tel: (203) 262-1561
Fax: (203) 267-3135
Maureen Hurley, RN
Respite Nurse

Tel: (203) 262-1561

800 Spruce Brook Road
Southbury, Connecticut 06615
Open 4 p.m. Thursday through 10 a.m. Monday
Tour the Center
Dining Room
Dining Room
Living Room
Living Room
Living Room
Living Room
Outside the Spruce Brook Respite Center
Outside the Spruce Brook
Family Respite Center
Outdoor Scenic View
Outdoor Scenic View