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Procedure No. Issue Date:   April 2006
Subject:   Respite Center Operations
               and Oversight
Effective Date:   Upon Release
Section:   Individual and Family Support
  1. Purpose
  2. To delineate the standardized operational procedures for all Respite Centers.

  3. Applicability

  4. This procedure applies to all individuals who receive services at DMR Respite Centers.
    This procedure applies to all individual and family support and public services staff responsible for the operations and oversight of Respite Centers.

  5. Definitions

  6. Respite Center - homes or residential units operated by DMR which provide planned,
    temporary supports to individuals who reside with their families, community training home providers or DCF foster families and who are eligible to receive services from DMR.

    Respite Guest - the individual who receives supports at a Respite Center.

  7. Implementation

  8. The Respite Centers provide planned and scheduled relief to families.
    1.  Operations
    Once respite guests have been identified, the supervisor of the Family Respite Center, with input from nursing and other appropriate family support staff,  shall:
    1. Designate room assignments
    2. Identify any special dietary needs that require special food purchases and establishes a menu for the guests.
    3. Identify any medical requirements that will necessitate specialized staff training, e.g. adaptive equipment, and arranges for training.
    4. Establish the staffing pattern for the home/unit determining if nurses are needed as part of the staffing complement. The Respite Center nurse is consulted on staffing and training needs. Behaviorists and leisure staff are assigned or consulted, as appropriate.
    5. Assure that a handicapped vehicle is available so guests may participate, as appropriate, in community activities. Supervisor assures that cell phones, fax machines, VCR's, cameras, and computers are in working order.
    6. Plan general activities for the respite guests after consulting the Leisure Interest Survey completed by the individual and his or her family. Group activities might include community trips to museums, movies, fairs, the beach or special community events occurring during the guests' visit. Individual activities might include crafts of interest to the guest, cooking or baking, learning games, computer work, or other activities identified by the individual. Respite Center staff shall document activities on the Leisure Activities Form. The following desired outcomes for guests of Respite Centers should be kept in mind when identifying activities:
      1. Make new friends
      2. Visit with old friends
      3. Have fun
      4. Make choices
      5. Participate in community activities
      6. Learn new skills
2.  Oversight
     The public services manager will assign a supervisor to the Family
     Respite Center.  The supervisor will:
  1. Assure that staff receive enhanced staff training specific to their assignment at the Respite Center.
  2. Assure that staff follow the standardized procedures and the PICA Prevention Guidelines for Respite Centers.
  3. Implement a process to receive consumer satisfaction input.
  4. Respite Center staff will participate in quality service reviews.
E. References
  1. Leisure Interest Survey
  2. Leisure Activities Form
  3. PICA Prevention Guidelines for Respite Centers