Licensing Regulations
17a-227-21:  Residential Schools
In addition to meeting the requirements set out in Sec. 17a-227-1 through 17a-227-20 inclusive of these regulations, an applicant for licensure or renewal as a residential school shall:

(a) Set forth in policy and procedure a method of coordinating programming and communications between the residential and educational components which shall include provision for participation by educational staff in the interdisciplinary process.

(b) Have a policy demonstrating compliance with Sec. 10-212a CGS for teachers who administer medications during school hours.

(c) Have a written policy and procedure outlining duty, function and responsibility of educational and residential personnel who are assigned duties in other than their respective areas.

(d) All medications shall be administered by a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse and shall be reviewed every ninety days.

(e) Each residential school shall establish a behavior review committee to review and document approval of all individual behavior treatment programs which incorporate aversive or potentially aversive techniques and/or behavior modifying medications. Each school shall develop policies and procedures regarding the operation of this committee. The committee shall have a representation of diverse views which may include psychology, parent, local citizen not otherwise involved, staff, and a representative of the department's human rights committee or regional director designee.

(f) Records of the residential school shall include written permission, signed by the parent, for disclosure of the educational record to residential staff and to the commissioner or his designee.

(Effective October 1, 1992)