Licensing Regulations
17a-227-20:  Transfer
(a) No individual shall be transferred except in accordance with the provisions of Sec. 17a-210 CGS, or as otherwise authorized by law.

(b) The licensee shall have policies and procedures which:

(1) govern the notification to the department of the proposed resident transfer:

(2) govern the respite status, admission, transfer and discharge of individuals; and

(3) describe the procedure by which the financial interests are protected for individuals who are transferred to another residence.

(c) Copies of clinical records and report/recommendations of current health status shall accompany the individual upon transfer to another residence.

(d) Transfer summaries shall be maintained for all individuals who leave the residence.

(e) For any individual placed in a licensed residence from another state, the licensee shall assure that there is a discharge plan in place which provides for his return to the placing state or provides for the continuation of appropriate services upon cessation of funding by the placing state.

(Effective October 1, 1992)