Licensing Regulations
17a-227-17:  Habilitative Services
(a) The administrator shall have a written policy which gives employees direction regarding habilitative programming that supports sound residential service practices, normalization principles and department philosophy.

(b) Within forty five days after formal admission by the licensee, an overall plan of service addressing habilitative programming shall be developed for each individual and implemented within thirty days of development or as delineated in the overall plan of services.

(c) If an individual exceeds thirty days in respite status, the licensee shall conduct an interdisciplinary team meeting within ten working days following the expiration of the thirty day respite status to identify and implement priority health and habilitative needs.

(d) Overall plans of services shall be developed maximizing suggestions and participation from the individual, the family, guardian or advocate and with persons who are knowledgeable about the individual's strengths, preferences, needs and special interests.

(e) The overall plan of services shall be developed after a review of the information in the current individual record in relation to the current skills and health status of the individual.

(f) The overall plan of services shall guide the development of an integrated habilitative program with identified strategies for learning, which utilizes measurable behavioral goals and objectives.

(g) The licensee shall provide the individual with opportunities for learning through activities and social interactions which provide community experiences.

(h) The overall plan of services, including goals and objectives, shall be reviewed and updated, at a minimum, on a quarterly basis to meet ongoing individual needs.

(i) Behavioral strategies involving the use of aversive procedures, including restraints, shall be reviewed at least monthly by the program author or designee.

(j) Data will be collected to document the individual's progress, as specified in the individual teaching strategy.

(k) The overall plan of services planning process shall be conducted annually based on an annual assessment of the individual's functioning skills.

(l) The annual overall plan of services shall be implemented within thirty days of its development, or as delineated in the planning document, and kept on file for two years from the date of development.

(Effective October 1, 1992)