Licensing Regulations
17a-227-14:  Staff Development
(a) The administrator shall specify training requirements for direct contact personnel including training content, trainer qualifications and delivery method.

(b) Direct contact personnel shall participate in an orientation in the following areas within thirty days of employment and every two years thereafter:

(1) signs and symptoms of disease and illness;

(2) communicable disease control;

(3) resident basic health and behavioral needs;

(4) routines of the residence; and

(5) emergency procedures for the residence.

New employees who have not completed the orientation shall not work without other personnel on duty that have been trained in these areas.

(c) In addition to orientation, direct contact personnel shall have completed inservice training in the following areas within the first six months of hire and every two years thereafter:

(1) first aid for accidents;

(2) agency/residence policies and procedures;

(3) abuse and neglect prevention;

(4) planning and provision of service; and

(5) behavioral emergency techniques.

(d) There shall be one staff person on duty per shift certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

(e) Written summaries of the inservice program content shall be made available upon request.

(Effective October 1, 1992)