Licensing Regulations
17a-227-11:  Physical Requirements
(a) Any building used as a residence shall be in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local codes which govern construction, building safety and zoning ordinances.

(b) A residence located in a building containing more than two living units or more than three individuals per living unit shall obtain a fire marshal's certificate in accordance with Sec. 29-305 CGS.

(c) For a residence licensed for three or fewer individuals, the licensee shall comply with the requirements of the department's home safety inspection report unless a fire marshal's certificate is obtained for each residence.

(d) The residence and grounds shall be free from unpleasant odors, refuse and potential safety hazards.

(e) Furniture and furnishings shall be safe and in good repair.

(f) The residence shall have toileting and bathing facilities that are clean, accessible and afford privacy to the individuals.

(g) Fire extinguishers shall be located in the kitchen and the furnace area.

(h) Each residence and vehicle shall have emergency first aid supplies.

(i) All kitchens and dining areas shall be clean, well-lighted, ventilated, screened and provided with appropriate equipment for the preparation and serving of food.

(j) There shall at all times be a working telephone accessible to individuals with emergency numbers posted in an easily visible location. The department shall be immediately notified of any change in the telephone number.

(k) Each individual shall have a minimum of eighty square feet in a single bedroom and at least sixty square feet in a multiple bedroom.

(l) Each individual shall have sufficient and accessible storage space to accommodate all in-season clothing.

(m) Laundry facilities shall be available to all individuals.

(Effective October 1, 1992)