Quality Service Review Overview

The Quality Service Review (QSR) is the department's quality review system that measures personal outcomes and provider support expectations across all service delivery settings. The QSR evaluates the quality of supports delivered by Qualified Providers and assess the individual’s satisfaction with services and supports. The QSR incorporates elements from pre-existing departmental quality assurance activities as well as new components to address Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) quality system expectations. It consolidates quality management activities for the variety of services offered to individuals into one review system. All vendors will have services reviewed using the same personal outcomes measures, performance indicators and methods, and will be certified to deliver distinct services as part of the expanded quality oversight process. Provider service performance can be compared, and the results used by individuals and their families to choose from the array of service providers throughout the state.
The QSR includes seven focus areas: 1) Planning and Personal Achievement, 2) Relationships and Community Inclusion, 3) Choice and Control, 4) Rights, Respect, and Dignity, 5) Safety, 6) Health and Wellness, and 7) Satisfaction.
Within these seven focus areas, individual personal outcomes are measured. The QSR evaluates both individuals’ experiences with services and supports, and the provider’s quality system’s effectiveness in supporting individuals to achieve positive personal outcomes.
The department was awarded a Systems Change Quality Improvement Grant from CMS to design and build a data system to support the Quality Service Review process. The “My QSR” database system permits analysis of quality indicators, tracking of performance measures over time, provides a mechanism to track corrective actions and contains the foundation for the larger Quality System Review and Improvement initiative.
The department’s regulatory compliance processes for Community Living Arrangements (CLA’s) and Community Companion Homes (CCH)/Community Training Homes (CTH’s) will soon be integrated into the QSR process, which will then be the department’s sole quality review methodology.